T. R. Sutherland Launch

I am happy to announce the launch of my author site, This launch corresponds with the launch of our first coffee themed planners and journals.

Are you or do you know someone who loves coffee a lot?  Your coffee lover friend, family member, or loved one will absolutely love to write things to do, reminders, and notes while reading hilarious coffee lover quotes in these planners.

The coffee tasting journals make a real treat for coffee aficionados who really to savor each sip. Every coffee lover can use these logs to track, rate, and taste varieties of coffees. It also helps them have a list of coffees they have yet to try.

Give one as a gift for a birthday or just because for yourself or your family, friend, coworker, or loved one today. They also make great appreciation gifts for anyone on the front lines of today’s challenges.

Planners, reminders, things to do…

Tasting journals…


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